Checklist and adding an item to that checklist

Im building an app for my Recreational Vehicle. I want a checklist that I can click off items when they are done when getting ready to hit the road.
I want a form button to add new items to the checklist as Im using the app and notice I need a new task.
When in the DETAILS view I CAN add a form button, but if I use the Checklist view then I can NOT see the form button.
Im just a novice at this so I will welcome any ideas of suggestions. Thanks

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You can use a details layout.

Then have a checklist inline list with the current items you have.

Add a form button/floating form button to create new items for that inline list.

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Can you show more screenshots on how you’re setting the screen and your database up? I’m not getting the full picture here with this relation.

Hello All,

Do we have checklist inline list in Glide Page? I am creating Page with Tasks for which I want a checklist inline list so that I can check and uncheck tasks. Any workaround?

If I recall right, we only have switches in Glide Pages.

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That is true. However, I have found some workaround. Thanks for responding.

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This is the perfect query.
Prior to my coming here I created a couple checklists that are interactive on a PC but not on mobile devices. Still working on that issue.
I’ll definitely be investigating doing the same here and this points me in the right direction… thank you.
Guess I’ll also be adding Pages to my learning curve. :slight_smile: