Need Dashboard Help

I am looking to use Glide to display an attendance history for my students for this year. I currently have a table with each clock in details for each student as they tap in.

Student ID / Timestamp / Class ID
S232344 / 9/28/2023 / SCIENCE_2
S232344 / 9/28/2023 / MATH_1

I want to display a list showing a history of dates of class and the total attendance that day

Date - Total Students Present
9/28/2023 - 15
9/24/2023 - 11
9/21/2023 - 13

Any ideas what I can do to have this presented on a page?

If row count isn’t a problem to you, maybe you can run a daily external automation to fetch all classes in your database, and add a row to a “Class x Date” table where you have each combination of class and date on its own row.

You can also add a “schedule” for each class, say “Mon, Wed, Fri”, check if the current weekday is listed in each class’ schedule, and only adding when the schedule is on for that day.

Alternatively, I think you can use a relation + lookup combo to fetch all unique dates that a student has logged a timestamp, for each class, then use a helper table to transpose that data on the fly when you view a class, and use rollups to count the students. I don’t know if this fits with your dashboard structure or not, since it is dynamic based on the class you’re viewing.

Could you give me an example of the 2nd suggestion? I’m hoping to use lookup and roll up because I’m trying to keep all my data on Glide’s tables