Check in - out! HELP!

Hey all, I need your help

I’ve been trying to create check in/out for my employees for almost a month but couldn’t get it to work.

I’ve created two forms, check in and out. In both forms, email and timestamp will be submitted. I then ran subtraction math to calculate the duration between check out and check in and worked perfect in days, hours and minutes.

The thing is, I need (check in form/button) to be visible only once for each one. once an employee checks in today, for example, he can’t check in again until next day. How to do that?

You can use visibility condition and NOW column to do that.

First have a math column in your profiles sheet and point it to a now value, change the format to date only.

In your submission sheet, make sure you also catch a type column to know that is a check in or check out submission.

In the submission sheet, I assume you caught a timestamp value with the hour and minutes also. You can create an additional math column, point to the timestamp and format it as date only.

Now create 2 template columns joining the values like below:

Email - Date - Type

E.g: - 09/10/2020 - Check in

Make a relation from the profiles sheet to the submissions and show the check in/out form if the check in/out relation is not empty.


Hey ThingDinh, @ThinhDinh thank you so much, I got your point.

I have a question though, when creating a relation between User Profile and Check In, should it be " Multiple matched"? or not. Because the same user will check in every day.

I also have Check Out sheet similar to check in and I did the same and worked. I am just worried about multiple match option so they can check in multiple times on different days.

Great point, I will set it up too although I have to wait 24 hours to see if it works

The date will make it unique so you don’t have to set it to multiple matches.

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Hey, I just checked now and found out that once NOW turned Oct. 10th, the whole relations disappeared as it is a new day. In other words, yesterday check in / out submissions don’t exist anymore. Does that mean I must close check in / out submissions by the end of the day on daily basis?

I appreciate your help in advance

Isn’t that intended behavior and you want them to submit new check ins and outs for the next day?

Yes but now when I check in for a new day, it considers the previous day as check out therefore it creates a huge difference between check in and out. Shouldn’t it wait for a new check out? Or I am messing with something I am unaware of?

Why does this part happen? You should know whether a person has checked in or out based on the submissions, isn’t it?

Check in

Check out

Here how it works, I have user profile which I followed exactly what you have suggested me before by creating templates then relation to make check in and out clickable once only per day.

now, if you check the “check in” screenshot, especially “check in timestamp” it works perfect. I then created a template to show my employees when they have checked in and out which means I must look up these info from check out tab.

In check out tab, it also works perfect. But, when I look up check out timestamp in “check in tab” it messes it up! it gathers the check out date of the previous day. look at the two emails:
Bravesteps and Hary. They both check in and out yesterday. They also checked in and out today but the check out kept the same. I hope you got my point. Any idea what I am missing here?

Hey, I guess I figured it out. There was a mistake in making relations. In the beginning, I made relation between email address of both check in and out and I think Glide understood the email regardless of the date even though I used lookup via email. I did your method by making relations between check in and out using (email - date only) and it worked.

Thank you :raised_hands:

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I am almost done but a quick question if I may ask @ThinhDinh

Since I have Check in and Dates (Two tabs) on Glide.

1.Check in tab is showing up there.

2.Date tab has only dates (Using Unique function on Google sheet based on Check in Dates).

I’ve created checkbox in Date tab in which I only want to pay my employees per date. For example, If I check date Oct. 10th, I need the app to show only the sum of these numbers
(1350 + 895), showing in check in screenshot up there.

This is what I have done so far but didn’t work. I’ve made a template (Date + Status) in Dates tab on Glide. I then Created a template (Date + true) on Check in tab. I then created relation between Dates and Check in. On the app itself, nothing changes whether I check dates boxes or not.

Any idea what I am missing here?

I think you can keep it simple and use a choice component to filter the tab like this tutorial from Robert.

Then make an if then else column, if item is shown then payment fee is payment fee, else payment fee is 0.

Lastly, a rollup column on that if then else column to get the sum of the payment fee. Would that work?

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I will give it a try right now.

I will keep you posted for sure

So you are saying that I filter it out using inline list which is pointed to Dates ONLY? Because If I point it out to Check in tab, it won’t filter out dates, it will show me all dates of all users who checked in within a specific date. For example, If I have 5 users checked in on Oct 10, the date Oct 10 will show up in the choice component 5 times! You got my point? @ThinhDinh

Ah you’re right. You can use your unique list for that so you have unique dates.

I finally figured it out. Thank you so much.

Actually when math column is pointed to check in date, the same date shows up multiple times using Bob method because the time is hiding behind the date itself which makes it unique therefore keeps showing. Once I made it a template, Glide filters out every single date as unique value then.

Regarding the payroll, I used Email-Status template for both check in and user profile so whenever I check a specific date, their salary gets added automatically to the previous one.

Thank you @Robert_Petitto and @ThinhDinh


Hey @ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto

So far my Check In app works perfect for single entries only! It doesn’t accept multiple entries within a day, it messes it up!

There are two forms (Check in + Check out)

For example:
1st submission: (today, 13th of Oct) :white_check_mark:
Check in at 8:30am - Check out at 8:45am

2nd submission: (today, 13th of Oct) :x:
Check in at 10:30am - (here it picks up the previous check out which is 8:45) therefore the date difference ( 8:45 - 10:30 ) becomes negative!

I use (Email-Date) Template relation between check in and out to lookup check out TimeStamp.
I would love to have my employees to check in multiple times a day.

Any clue or hint?

What do you want the end result to look like?