Check in - out! HELP!

It is not about the end result! I don’t want the second submission to pick the check out time of the 1st submission. If I prevent this, then the end result will be exactly the same as in the first submission.

What’s the column you are using to get this info to be written to the Sheet?

I have email address and date on both Check in and Check out sheets. In check in sheet on Glide, I made Template (Email-Date). I also did the same in check out sheet on Glide. I then created relation between check in and out using these templates to pull up Check out time and date. Lastly, I ran math to find out the difference (Check out-Check In) Which has to be positive logically.

For some reason, if I submit any check in for the second time, It picks the previous check out time not the new check out.

I hope you got my point

So you want a user to submit multiple check ins during the date, only take the first check in and the last check out to do the math?

I will give you an example:

Today is Oct 13th. I am supposed to check in two times:

1st Time:
Check in at 8:30am - Check out at 9:00am

2nd Time:
Check in at 10:00am - Check out at 11:00am

This is what I need the end result to look like :point_up:t2: , I need exactly like this one!

I have created two templates, in User Profile and Check In Submission. Each template is made of (Email-Date). And this is what I came up with:

1st Time:
Check in at 8:30am :white_check_mark: - Check out at 9:00am :white_check_mark:

2nd Time:
Check in at 10:00am :white_check_mark: - Check out at 9:00am :x:

Look at the wrong sign, why would 2nd Time submission pick the 1st Time submission check out?

Where are you submitting the checkout form? I think you can submit it straight from the checkin form and record the row ID from the checkin so the relation is there.

Well Check in and Out are two different sheets on Glide, beside User profile. I have another relation between Check In and Out using Template in both. Each template is made of User Email and Date upon submission. This relation is made primarily in Check in tab to lookup Check out.

What do you mean by Row ID? Probably is the solution but isn’t that making rows user specific? What if I have the same user checks in twice on the same day, would the row ID be the same?

I take it you want only one check out to be associated to a check in.

So they have to have a check in submit first, each of them will have a row ID.

Make a form button inside the check in screen, when they want to check out for that specific session then in the form you capture the check in’s row ID, user’s email and timestamp. Then make a relation from the check in to check out using that row ID and take the timestamp back.

When the relation is not empty, hide the button.

I almost got your idea and makes sense but to make it clear:

So you mean I should make Check in sheet on glide a user specific?

And when I check out, I will have 3 columns; email address, TimeStamp and row ID. Where should this row ID be taken from? You mean I must make check out sheet on Glide user specific too?

You can create RowIDs without making those columns user specific. Jus create a new glide column, scroll all the way down, you’ll see RowID. Click on it and that will create RowIDs without having to use a user specific column.

I hope this helps.

You can take the RowID in the form button as a table column. Just like of you were taking any other info.

To do so, you need to click on the components button and scroll to where it says screen column. One of those will be the RowID one.

Hey Santiago, seems like you both have the solution for my issue!

Got your point and tried it out already. Here is what I

In Check in sheet on Glide: I created Row ID.

Then, In Check in screen on the app itself, I created Check out form as @ThinhDinh said. When I click on Check out form, three columns will be submitted:

  1. Email Address
  2. TimeStamp
  3. Row ID

The thing is, this row ID is coming from user profile as it shows me in screen tables. Am I missing something here? How to make Row ID come only from Check in?

Even though in check out form itself, I can’t point it to any column! I’ve created text column in check out then I pointed row ID (which comes from user profile) to that column and relation came negative.

I believe I am almost there but something is missing in here!

Have you created a check in screen as suggested here?

It sounds like you’re creating the check out from the user profile screen.

I created an example over here. Kindly look at the last row.
I followed your steps and created extra out form within the extra in screen.


The ROW ID below (In extra out) is different from the ROW ID in extra in above!

Any clue what the reason might be? because I need the ROW ID to be the same in both tabs in order to create relation!

@Robert_Petitto this is an example I hope it helps you figure out the issue as well

Hey @DareSteps,

If I understand correctly what @ThinhDinh said. You have to place a form button on the check in screen.

To do this you could:

  1. Make a relation on the users profile tab where email matches email in the check in tab (Match multiple).
  2. Add an inline list on your profile and pull that relation. This will give you the check ins this user has.
  3. Set up your inline list and in the detail part of it, add another form button that sends info to the check out tab. This, then, will allow you to get the RowID column that you need.

This is how I would do it but I am sure that @Robert_Petitto has a way cooler and easier idea to pull this off.

I hope this helps.

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