Form to Check IN & Check OUT

Good morning!
Im trying to do a form to check IN my employees and do a check out and i have some troubles.
1- Can i turn the location ON automatically?
2- When a employee Check IN, how can i remove the Check IN forms to evade make 2 Check IN nad show the Check OUT form?
3- When Check OUT resets to next day.


At the moment there’s no special variable that collects a user’s location, they have to give their consent through that component every time.

Assuming you do it everyday, then you can do it like this:

  • Create a “today” Math column in your user profiles table, with the formula being:

YEAR(N)*10000 +MONTH(N)*100 + DAY(N)

With N being the “now” value. You should get something like 20231203.

  • Create a template column to join the user’s rowID/email with the value above. You should get something like “ - 20231203”.

  • When recording the check in form, make sure you record the “current timestamp” to a column, and the user’s rowID/email in another column.

  • In the check in/out table, create a math column with the formula being:

YEAR(T)*10000 +MONTH(T)*100 + DAY(T)

With T being the timestamp you recorded when the user checks in.

  • Create a template column joining the user’s rowID/email with the column above.

  • Create a relation from the template column in the user’s table to the template column in the check in/out table.

  • Create a lookup column in the user’s table, looking up the “check out” value.

Then, if the relation is empty, show the check in button.

If the relation is not empty and the check out value is empty, show the check out button.

The check out button should write the current timestamp value to the check out column in the check in/out table using the relation.

At this point, with the setup above, no buttons should show until the next day.


Thanks a lot for the answer! it works perfectly!

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