Hey all,

I’ve been working on making my app check out users automatically ONLY if they past END TIME but I couldn’t find a way to do so. Is there any way to make it happen?

They call can check in after start time but sometimes they forget to check out.

Note: I apologize as my laptop is showing timings in Arabic just ignore it if possible otherwise I will type timings in here in English.

Thank you in advance

Ah, the old problem where employees check in but forget to check out? I think you can have a lookup on a check out sheet submissions, if lookup is empty then you have the check out time as the end of shift time for that day?

Yeah unfortunately I’ve been working on this and as usual thank you for quick reply. So far I’ve created timers, bars, calculations etc EXCEPT how to overcome forgetfulness issue.

So for example:
This employee’s start time: 2:00am and end time 4:00am.

Day 1: He checked in and out perfectly.

Day 2: He checked in at 2:00am and didn’t check out. Based on your solution, you meant Glide will lookup check out time for DAY 1 which is 4:00am?

Perhaps you can design the UX so the employee has to complete the prior day’s log before being allowed to do the next one?

You could store the last timecard completion status in a user column and go from there.

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Do you mean END TIME column where glide lookup for EndTime when there is no check out?

Here is thing, I already have fixed start time and end time for each user. I have no issue with start time as they Always check in. The problems I’m facing are two:

  1. They forget they check out for the whole day which means they lose their salary as the columns are based on dates.


  1. They check out after the end time which makes them get more salary than the others who check out on time.

I was wondering if there is any way to make glide automatically check the user out once the user past end time for example.

Just don’t pay them. They will learn really fast to fill it out on time. :wink:



I’m confused about the business rules and not 100% sure what the UX looks like but that aside, you could create two end time columns.

User submitted end time and Payment end time.

Create some logic so payment end time equals the user submitted checkout (if non-blank) or whatever auto-checkout time you want if nothing was submitted.


How has this not been marked as the solution?


Indeed, a great solution to run out of money :joy:


Done :joy:


I’m working on it now and will keep you updated. Thank you Mauronic

@ThinhDinh your idea about lookup worked too using logic. I just need to run more tests to see how it goes along with Mauronic idea too. Thank you.

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Hi @DareSteps,

Did you finalize your app and found an efficient solution? If yes are you willing to share how you did it and a sample of you app ?
I want on my side to create an app to manage a race with mandatory check points BUT if a runner doesn’t check all check points he cannot be ranked OR also if the runner doesn’t cross the finish line before a pre-determined ending time/or number of check points validated he cannot be ranked.

Thank you in advance for your help or advice

I think in your case you should add a fixed time lapse, I mean for each check point there is a minimum value (you can call it snail time), then if the time is greater than now (calculated time) and checktime is empty, you apply this snail time.


Thank you for your help!

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