⏲️ Clock In / Clock Out Demo

:wave: Hey all!

Here’s a cool little Clock In / Clock Out screen I created for a client. I do my best to explain how it works in less than 7 min.

:popcorn: Enjoy!


Very nice! But why is this a public app? :wink:

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Ask my client :man_shrugging:

I tried to encourage him to upgrade for only $8/mo…such a good deal since he has less than 20 employees anyway. I’ll bring it back up tomorrow.

Because I’m a hopeless pedant, I always have an extra couple of columns to go with that time duration sequence…

  • If mth-duration-mins equals 1, then “min”, else “mins”
  • if mth-duration-hrs equals 1, then “hr”, else “hrs”



Ya…if I get flack for it, I’ll probably do the same :slight_smile:


I always need to have extra columns for this, hopefully Glide can help us to make this easier, let’s say by adding a singular/plural box for units. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ya. I mention a possible solution here:

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Great job :clap: quick q - what happens if the user clicks check in again on the same day? Sorry if I missed that point on your video

It creates a second record for the day. This way, a user can clock out for lunch and then clock back in again for the afternoon portion of the daily shift.

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Fab, I hope this is gonna be a template?! I believe many folks would like to get their hands on it and find it beneficial :wink:

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ok ok twist my arm :wink:


You don’t need arm twisting :laughing:

Just get it submitted, you know you want too.

Cheers Mr P

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:twisted_rightwards_arrows: :mechanical_arm:

Template submitted :crossed_fingers:


40$/month i guess

Ha! Nope. Glide doesn’t do per month template pricing.

I meant …if your client wants to upgrade to private pro…is 40 month.
8$ user month was the very loved old org pricing

Ah. Gotcha. Ya, with any template, you’re going to have to decide whether you want to go pro or not. This app template would certainly benefit from going private pro, but at that point it’s outta my hands.

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Indeed :crossed_fingers: let us know when (not if) its been approved