Meet with Me: A Booking App that Prevents Conflicts

:wave: Hey Glide Community

A while ago, I built a Booking App that sought to prevent conflicts using a bunch of spreadsheet formulas. The lag was unbearable.

@Jeff Hager swooped in and created a way using a Rollup column to eliminate the lag :heart_eyes:

The last piece to the puzzle was to truly prevent conflicts by preventing users from booking times that occurred during another user’s meeting.

Mission accomplished.

Take a look at my revamped booking app,

Here’s a preview and video tutorial:
Untitled_ Mar 26, 2020 3_51 PM


This is amazing work!!! Could you make a tutorial on how you did this or share the sheet with us? I was actually working on something similar and never got it to work, this would help a lot!


Nicely done!

Sure thing. I’ll work on the tutorial tonight!


Great work between you @Robert_Petitto and @Jeff_Hager. Nicely executed.

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Thanks…only issues I’ve run into so far are as follows:

  1. Only works for US date times
  2. My Date/Time template concatenation is recognized by the calendar for the creation and output of an event, but is not recognized as a true date/time column, meaning I can’t filter the results. @Jeff_Hager…any ideas?

I have the same issue with one of my date columns! It’s not being recognized as a date so I can apply a true date filter to it. It would be great to be able to change the column types in the editor and force it to be considered a date column.

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:crystal_ball: Automagical!

I just added Zapier integration! Creates calendar event and mails user with reminder to add to calendar! Try it out!


Great addition! It would be great if Glide could allow you to redirect the user to that confirmation screen once they submit the form, I know it isn’t possible yet, but I think it would add to the user-friendliness.

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I agree. This has been one of my feature requests:

Sorry, I can’t think of a way to do this. I tried a few different formats (MM/DD/YYYY, ISO Timestamp, and decimal) but it’s not recognized. I know the calendar is very forgiving on date format and can parse strings as dates, so that’s probably why that works, but I suppose a template is always recognized as a string.

Just wanted to check in how you guys would do this: create an email back to the user with confirmation of their selected time — this wouldn’t need to happen on submission and could be done as a reminder email 24 hrs before the booking. How would you do it if you had to add this functionality?

Probably a zapier action from the sheet itself, not the app. There are other google sheet addons as well that will mail merge and email based on a condition in the sheet. If I were fancier, maybe even a script?

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Can you share this app as a template please?

I’ll create a generic version of this app soon. The current one is tied to my accounts. Stay tuned!

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Is it possible to take a screenshot of how you made the Zap?

:revolving_hearts: Copy this App:

:zap: Copy my Zap:

:gear: Screenshot of Zap Configuration:


Thanks for sharing.

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wow this is a kickass app. mean dude. thanks for the copy!

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Appreciate the kind words!