Meet with Me v2.0: a booking app that prevents conflicts—Now in the Template Store!

:wave: Hi all!

With the new updates to Date-Time Math and Join Text columns, I was finally able to rebuild my Meet with Me app!


  • Durations in increments of 15 minutes
  • No lag
  • Unavailable times hidden from the list
  • Unavailable durations hidden from the list
  • Open/Close times to access Zoom meeting
  • Admin Tab to view all meetings
  • ZERO Google Sheet formulas. ZERO.
  • Glide Table User Profile Sheet for optimization

Check out the pics below and take it for a test drive!

—Feedback welcome!

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Awesome work!!! :star::star::star::star::star:

Are you gonna post it on the store?

Great work!
By the way, did you invent a new english word?

Congrats @Robert_Petitto. Looks awesome! Any idea if the new functions remove the issue we were seeing with International date formats?

I’m in Canada, so users sometimes have their language set as English and others have it set as French. This results two different date formats getting entered into the same column, which messes up relations that check for conflicts, etc.

What about the timezone. ?

Bah. That’s what I get for working on an app at 3am. Nice catch.

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Can you test to make sure? I have no way of doing this independently.



Got it!

This is going to help me a lot!

Thanks @Robert_Petitto!

Just added the ability to block off days of the week or specific dates:


Wow, amazing. Great job @Robert_Petitto can’t wait to see what you do next with this.

Thanks sir!

Vaaoov bravo!! can User send Meet request To 2-3 people For same event

Not currently. Maybe I’ll make that the next setting! Allow x number of people to book.

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Can it get any better? :tada:

It probably can :wink:


Hey @Robert_Petitto,

What do you use to make your promo videos?


Typically Screenflow for Mac.

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Thanks man!

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Screenflow is such a great tool (available for Windows too), to be honest it’s my favorite edit tool too, love it more than FCP and iMovie

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