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I’m looking for a booking app for a tutoring company. Before I dive in, can tutors set up and update their profiles with their availability/update them and can clients book, cancel or reschedule with their chosen tutor and receive a zoom or skype link without creating a profile? I also would like the app to be a secure mode of communication where they don’t exchange personal contact like email or phone number, their point of contact would be the app and I would be able to monitor conversations. Not sure if it’s possible but I wanted to reach out and see. Thanks,



My app is very close to what you’re after:


I developed an app for a friend for a similar case:

I have submitted a template for group scheduling but you can take a look here:

I think what you’re looking for is a mix of the two.


Robert Petitto, je vois régulièrement ton icon sur le tchat. Je suppose que tu es déjà bien loin dans tes app. Peux-tu me dire quelle est la formule pour cacher mes cellules vide dans mon app. Je ne parviens pas à trouver dans les tuttos. Donc quand ma cellule est vide elle ne doit pas se voir. C’est con mais je ne trouve rien et je suis bloquée par cette bêtise. Merci de ta réponse.

You’ll need to set the visibility conditions of your components to only show when a certain value in a column is not empty.

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Alors je dois géré ça dans mon glide ? et pas sur le sheets ??


Great App, can you share the template please?

  1. Group Scheduling app template • Glide
  2. Book a Meeting app template • Glide
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