📅 Calendar, booking paid meeting with Zoom or Google Meet

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The most advanced booking system for Glide.

  • Independent CSS calendars
  • check for booked days, and booked hours on these days
  • Time zones for client and host
  • check if times are past, taken, or temporary in paid process and block clicking
  • emailing and Google calendar set up…
  • independent Stripe payment (outside Glide… no paid plans)
  • blocking (temporary) for 3 minutes, date and time + duration while the payment is in progress ( no double booking)… when payment failed, or time is up (3 minutes or the time you set up)… date and time slot will be available again for booking
  • custom setting time slots… You will always have control over when to post your self available
  • blackout dates
  • looks great on desktop and good on mobile
  • getting an actual User email when on the free plan
  • independent Contact Us … (no Glide native element… Users can attach files)
  • duration will block available times in the calendar
  • some extra CSS that makes Glide Apps great… and the best tool out there
  • and many more that I can’t disclose here

this app is set for a Google meet… but I have a working one for Zoom too :wink:
also, I can convert to PayPal… Checks… and I’m working on some other payment solutions…

this App is made on a free plan Glide App… Yesss!



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it is for sale now… $299 with the installation help over Zoom or Google Meet.
simply click the link above, and set the extra service amount to $299… schedule an appointment for 30 min… add a description “get this App” on the checkout… that’s all.
The 30 min help can be extended free of charge if there is no other appointment waiting.