Create a Calendar Event in GCal avoiding conflicts


I’m trying to develop a booking app for a client who would like users to book an appointment with different specialists.

The desired flow:

  1. User fills in details: Name, Email / Phone, Booking Date, Booking Time, Specialist
  2. User will see an in-app confirmation of whether the event has been confirmed or not, without having to receive any email
  3. Admin will see a Google Calendar event popping up if the booking with a certain specialist has been accepted, with all the required details
  4. Admin should be able to set unavailability time for each single specialist based on his working hours / lunch breaks
  5. Ideally, but not necessarily, Admin should allocate buffer time between an event and another

Essentially, I would need to replicate what Calendly does, but I’d like to manage it all through Glide and Google Calendar.

I have played around with Zapier, but it seems I’m stuck with automatically acceptance / refusal based on availability.

The app is aimed at retail and consumers, so it should all be managed via the Glide app, at least from a customer perspective.

Is there anyone who developed a similar workflow?

Thanks in advance