Google Calendar sync to Glide?

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I saw some topics here about the interactions (or lack thereof) between Google Calendar and Glide. To be honest, there are so many posts that I couldn’t wrap my head around it.
In a nutshell, goal is to be able to book meeting with client from within a CRM system based on Glide. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no easy/native way of doing this, right?
As far as I can understand, the workaround will include these steps:

  1. Write all Google Calendar event to Google Sheet - Here’s one possible way
  2. Point Event Picker component to these records
  3. This will allow us to see the current events inside the Event picker.
  4. User will use the Date Picker component to select a time slot for the requested meeting. PS - It seem we cannot “block” option for conflicting events. This means user can book the event whenever they’d like, regardless of what we display to them based on point 2 above.
  5. Use Google Script to read the form response (desired meeting date and time) and write this back into Google Calendar.

We have again the risk of concurrently. For example, if this is a Meeting Room calendar, two users can book the same time slot on the same time and both events will be added to the calendar.

Any thoughts about how to make this workflow more efficient?

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Must your APP use Google Calendar?

If not, my booking demo APPs can do this job and without using a GS script, these use JS code (plugins) to make simpler the logic and APP maintenance. Even, you don’t need to work with a GS if you want, they can work/use Glide Tables exclusively:



Let me know if this helps you.

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Thanks amigo.
Yes, Google Calendar is mandatory as it already hold all the cooperate schedules.

You can, but it’s a long workaround to check if the start time and end time of your new event falls into any existing events. Also, you must use a custom form for that, not a normal form, since you can’t do relations/if then else columns etc inside a form.

I think you’re right on the other points.

bonjour, as tu trouvé un solution depuis car cela m’intéresse et je ne trouve rien sur internet?

You can create a scenario in Make/Zapier to add/update a row in your Google Sheet everytime a new event is added/updated/canceled.

or you can build your own… no Zapier… pure scripts :wink:

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Hi Uzo, is there a tutorial on how to make the script?