Linking a Google Calendar to book a conference room

I was trying to build an app to book time in 4 different conference rooms. Each room has its own google calendar that I would like to link to and allow people to book time. I can figure out how to add a link to each calendar to see if time is available (this is just via an external link). I am just not sure how I could actually allow people to book time within the app and have it reflect in the shared google calendar. Any help would be great!

It could be initiated and the information keyed in within the Glide app but you would have to write a Google script to actually get it into the corresponding Google calendar.

Can you point me in the direction of any helpful documentation for this. I have never dealt with google scripts, and the more I look the more confusing info I seem to find

Wow, interacting with the Google calendar is not that hard for someone who has some experience with javascript, but for a complete novice it would be very challenging. So not only do you have to learn to code in javascript (the basic syntax that Google script uses), but you then have to learn how to interact with Google calendar. I’m sorry but I would have no idea where to point you except to tell you to search out some beginner tutorials on Google script. You would need to start out very simply, nothing to do with interacting with the Calendar. If it’s a business need and there is a budget you may want to get some expert help with just that piece of the app.

Here is the Google reference regarding interaction with the calendar.

But as I said in the prior post, you really can’t start here, you need to first learn about scripting and the nuances and flow of code as it relates to your spreadsheet data. If you wanted a true integration to the calendar, you wouldn’t have external links to view the calendar. The calendar would sort of be the backend of the app and the app would push and pull information from it. You could add events to each calendar from within a normal Google account, however those events added outside of the app would have to be pulled into the app in order to keep everything in sync.

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Thanks so much George! I was hoping someone had done this or something like it before and could share the scripting. Appreciate you looking in to it for me

Some more resources to check out. (Disclaimer: I don’t have any experience with any of these.)
Zapier may be the easiest. Looks like it would allow you to add and update calendar entries. Not sure if you would need more advanced integration or what it is all capable of. Maybe this will help get you started.

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