šŸ—“ Google Calendar for Glide... plus Event Picker

Google Calendar

Advanced CSS Calendar/Event Pickerā€¦ it syncs data from your google calendar and turns it into Glide inline listsā€¦ Fast synchronizationā€¦ under 2 seconds! Since all data is on google serversā€¦ you have unlimited rows in a free Glide Appā€¦ also no updates will be counted, the whole App is made on the USC columns! :grinning:

You can play with itā€¦ add eventsā€¦ is hooked to my Testing Google Accountā€¦ so no damage will be done LOL

The calendar can be scaled down, and work as a Date or Event Picker in a pop-up windowā€¦ replacing outdated Glide calendar :wink:


Pretty. This is probably your best template to date.


thank you!!! but i have better ones LOL

In terms of simplicity and minimalist design, I like this one best.


how about my Scheduling calendar?

too much?

@Robert_Petitto if Glide could give us a time delayā€¦ and wait until the conditionā€¦ between custom actionsā€¦ I can make really incredible Apps.

Now the pop-up version lolā€¦



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How to create like this ?

I have something like this (Figure 1 ),

The leave for each employee. Each employee, have to fill up ā€œStart dateā€ and ā€œEnd dateā€ for the leave. But the calendar component, show the list only based on Start Date Or End Date.

It is possible have something like Calendar View like @Uzo 's one, and when choose date, its showing the list who is on leave on that day.

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it is possible but it is a lot of work! :wink:

i see, okay thanks @Uzo , but this kind of Calendar View is common usage in apps rightā€¦

what do you mean? Apps and Pages do not have like thatā€¦ I made it totally in HTML, CSS and fetch JSON

I mean, I think most of Apps need this kind of Calendar View, why glide donā€™t have this feature and need lots of work in order to do that?

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it is very complicated to do, I donā€™t think Glide has time to make a calendar like that, maybe in the featureā€¦

Have you tried the calendar component in Pages? I think it will do exactly what you want. Events with different start and end dates will show up on each day in between.


no because iā€™m using GlideApps.

Well, Pages would be worth considering, since that is the direction Glide is headed going forward. Glide will actively be adding new features to Pages, while Apps will pretty much stay the same. If you want to use the calendar component, then youā€™ll have to convert to Pages. Otherwise, youā€™ll have to find a way to build it yourself in Apps.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager !

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Can you please explain to me the basics of how I will be able to through the google calendar integration, be able to:

  • allow user A to manage events on his google account provided by his company
  • allow user B to manage events on her google account provided by his company
  • and the other 20 users

I noticed we have a calendar ID field which i would assume would need to represent the individual users calendar? Can i further assume that when User A is logged in he will only see events linked to his google calendar?

From a google perspective, can i link the individuals google accounts or will i need to create individual calendars for each user - im not sure what this setup will look like?

any assistance will help thanks

The Google Calendar integration allows users to add events to a single, generic calendar as defined by the app builder. So, if a user wants to add an event to their own calendar, the integration would add the event to the ā€œapp calendarā€ and then invite the user to the event. The user would not be the owner of the event.

I have a video on this thread:

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