Visibility based on date and user input

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I am looking for a simple way to make a button visible once per user daily. Basically I want users to be able to input their own scores once daily, once they’ve logged their daily score I want the button visibility to turn off. Any suggestions?

Hey @Soto,

You can do this by:

  1. On the tab where your button is you can create a template column with the “current user email” and the name of the activity the will submit. Something like this: Email-Activity/RowID.

  2. On the submission tab, create another template column matching the email and the activity. Again Email-Activity/RowID

  3. On the tab where your button is, create a relation where CurrentUserEmail-Activity matches Email-Activity on the submission tab.

  4. Then, set button visibility to only visible when that relation is empty.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you Santiago,

Sorry I’m sort of new to this. If I’m understanding correctly, you’re saying that I should have two separate tabs in the app?

Right now I’ve got it set up as a form button in a single tab. Each day the user logs in, submits the form, then (ideally) the form button disappears until the next day when the same user can return and submit again.

Not necessary. You can have just 1 tab that has the form and an inline list of submissions.

However in your data, you should have 2 sheets: user profiles and submissions.

I want to make sure I’ve got this right. So I made a very simple app to help understand. My data editor currently looks like this?


My tabs currently look like this:

In your profiles sheet, create a math column and have a value pointing to the Now value. Set the format to date only, short format.

Create a templare column joining the email and the date you just added.

In your submissions sheet, create a template column joining the submitter’s email and the date of the submission.

Make a relation from the template column in profiles sheet to the template column in submission. If relation is empty then show the button.


I’m so thankful people like you exist and are willing to take a few minutes to help a rookie. Appreciate it. Like this?

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You’re close.

The Template should be like this.

You can input something like {E} - {D}

Then point {E} to the email column and {D} to the math column.

Do the same for the submission sheet.

Now I literally just feel like I’m probably wasting your time and I should do some prerequisite reading / videos. Here’s the way I’m interpreting what you wrote. I’m 99% I’m doing it wrong.

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Haha I’ll chime in… in the template area, don’t select a column… literally write in what @ThinhDinh wrote above using the Custom option. The variables you pick there get defined below (which you’ve done correctly!).