Form Button Visibility based off of list of users

I have a form button on one of my pages and i want it to be visible based off of users in a list what is the best way to do this. Its a public app so i dont have private users but i do have them sign in with a email. Right now all it sees is the first user in the list and thats it so if there are multiple users in the list it wont work for any of them besides the first user in the list. Im sure it is something simple im just overlooking it.

How would you describe your desired visibility condition in plain English?

That is, can you complete this sentence: “I want the form to be visible when …”

so everyone submits a form that has a few questions on it i want it to not be visible to that user after they sumbit the form so they dont submit it more than once

Okay, sure.

So what you could do is create “Form Submitted” boolean column in your User Profile table, and only show the form when that column is not checked. You can use a visibility condition on the form button (or whichever component you use to open the form) for that - “User Profile → Form Submitted is not checked”.

Then on the form, use an onSubmit action to set that column to true.

The above will work well enough if it’s just a one off. But it doesn’t really scale well if you have multiple forms to apply it to.

so i don’t use a user profile table people just use a email to sign in and its a public app. So this wont work right ?

Is there a reason you don’t want to use a User Profiles table?