Signed in User Edit/Delete conditions for public apps

It would be helpful to enable edit/conditions for public apps. Right now, the User — is signed in user condition can only be added if the app is one that requires sign in.

Public apps can have signed in user’s, so why not allow these conditions if someone signs in to a public app?

My use case — I have a simple booking app that I’ve left as public so that it’s quicker for people to use it. I would, however, like to have the ability to sign in and have my email as the one with admin/editing rights (right now I have to create an Admin version of the app to do simple edits on the content — I don’t want all users to be able to edit things).

Related — can the ability to “add” have conditions too?

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I don’t think so per se but there’s a way around it that I have used.

(1) Create a welcome tab for users
(2) In your sheet of users add a boolean ‘Admin?’ column and put TRUE for anyone that is an admin
(3) Use visibility (if ‘Admin’ is TRUE) to show a button that is a link to the screen you want to allow admins to add items to
(4) Allow adding of items

I haven’t investigated if there is an easier way of achieving the same thing.

Hope it works for you!

Yes, I’ve added a button for adding items and controlled its visibility using a similar method. I just think it would be simpler and more consistent to use the same method that is used for edit and delete conditional visibility.

The team is exploring options along this idea. Thanks for the suggestion.


Just curious if this is possible yet. I was hoping to require users to sign in in order to submit a specific form via button. I still want the button to be available to all users, but upon clicking, prompting the sign in.

I used a custom action where first sign in and second submit form, but the form overrides the sign in screen and only asks to sign in after the form is complete.

Yes, this is possible. Instead of stacking your actions in the custom action, create an IF condition. IF the user profile email is empty, then perform the sign in action, else, open the form. I don’t think you’ll get a satisfactory result by stacking the actions, even if would you flip your actions and open the form first before showing the sign in screen. I think a person could cancel out of the sign in, which would bring them to the form that had been opened. By using an IF condition in the custom action, they may just have to click on the form button twice. Once to sign in, and once again to open the form.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll try that out.

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