Component Visibility

What is Visibility status of button in three different case as per seen above case-1, case-2, case-3 ?

Case 1: Won’t be visible (because date is before today)
Case 2: Will be visible (because date “is after” today)
Case 3: Will be visible (because date “is on” today’s date)

Thank @Doomba,

I known that , But not working in my case…

I have Two Sheet 1st is “5-CE-IT” 2nd is “Recheck.”

In “5-CE-IT” sheet Students Result data store., Student View his result and if he want to apply for recheck then apply for recheck by click on button. I wants this button active up to particular date (Date field in 5-CE-IT sheet). This recheck data submitted by form in Recheck Sheet.

Also one thing is that student, only one time applied for recheck. For this use isReCheck switch. I use arrayformula to check student applied for recheck or not by Status of isRecheck.

I want to active button only when student not applied for recheck ( isRecheck = False) and Recheck date is not due.

My Problem is that Button is always active even if Date is over and arrayformula not working.

Have you any solution???

What is the array formula you’re using? I’m not able to open the spreadsheet, please allow access to anyone with the url.

Are you using the per user data feature to analyze the isRechecked per student?
Also regarding the dates, try the US format for the dates, this could be the issue (aka mm/dd/yyyy instead of dd/mm/yyyy)

I would recommend a column in the spreadsheet itself with TRUE/FALSE values for visibility status, based on any combination of multiple criteria. Then use that column to show/hide the Rechecking button.

Thanks @Doomba I solve Date problem. I Change date format in US. Now Help for Arrayformula


Try =arrayformula(IF(LEN(A2:A) = 0, "", IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A2:A,Recheck!A2:A, 1, FALSE)),"FALSE", "TRUE")))

Thanks @doomba and @Jeff_Hager Its works… :heart_eyes: