Challenges: check-in / out app

Hi guys, I’m building an app that lets you check-in / check-out items at different stores as a logged user.
Basically you will login with a profile and then in each store you have a form for check out and a form for check in. (When the QR scanner is availalbe it will be much easier, for now they need to introduce the number of item by hand)

To this point all good:

  • I have a table with my users that translates into a tab with user info using DETAIL LAYOUT
  • I have a table with my stores info where people can check in and out and the info like email, date and location get stored using MAP LAYOUT and FORM BUTTON.
  • I have a table where all these events (checkin/out) are stored and with ELSE->THEN feature I can create a message saying: THIS IS OUT / THIS IS BACK

Now challenges:
1) Showing status to user:
I’d like to use the RELATION to show a user if currently he/she has an item checked out or in. The problem is that the relation only picks the first entry where that user checked out. Any way to tell that it should pick the last one?

2) Showing the number of checks out this user has done
I’m not sure if this is possible with the new Data Features, I’d like to do a Rollup and show it of the number of times this user has checked out in any store. Should I do this in Sheets? I haven’t been able either to find the formula :man_shrugging:

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  • We were just discussing last-row-wins relations today—great idea, we’ll think about it.
  • You will have to use formulas in the sheet for this, for now.
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I figured out how to count the amount of checkouts using COUNTIFS. However a ARRAYFORMULA was not working to populate all the rows :S

Still don’t know how to pull and show the last-row for a certain user. Any help on how to do it in sheets?

Thanks heaps for the help!

This might be something that would help to get the last value for a user:

This contains a piece about using COUNTIF with concatinated values instead of COUNTIFS:


Hi guys! Finally I’ve been able to create what I wanted. I had to use Zappier’s Zapp Google Sheets Update Row.

How it works:

  1. User is logged in, goes to the restaurant he is at, where he finds 2 buttons that lead to a form, he then tapps on a button to Check IN or to Check OUT

  2. He enters the code of the bowl. The rest of information is passed automatically (email, current date/time and the restaurant from where he is checking in/out). This information is then added as a new row in the corresponding sheet (checkin or checkout)

  3. This triggers a zappier that moves the date information of this last entry to update the corresponding matching cell in the row of the user that has done that checkin/checkout.

  4. ON the same google sheet I have built different formulas that calculate how many checkins and outs the user has done (using countif) and then one formula that gives a status to that user depending on this variables. This status allows me to show a user status in his profile :slight_smile:

I actually first created the formula that gives status in excel and work my way backwards to see how I could get the right data I needed. I also built this in Airtable + Zappier + Typeform since I’m not user my users are ready to use glideapp.

@Linh_Le_Thuy the app still needs some adjusting but will be able to perfom most actions!


Care to share your app? Sounds pretty neat and inspirational

Will do for sure, I still need to polish some points. I can share some screen shots. In the last 2h I also accomplished to hide the checkout button if you have status LATE or THIEF. I’ve done that using DATA feature in glide and creating a new column that gets a new status OK or THIEF. I use this new column to hide the visibility of the Checkout button and show a message that says: :skull: something is wrong, please contact us


OK, this looks interesting. I am just starting to think about building a checkout app.

Question: Have you tried to also build in a ‘reserve’ component, where an item can be reserved ahead of time?