Restrictions on number of entries

Hello. Happy thanksgiving to all.

I want each user to be able to save only certain number of entries. Say one RSVP entry per event. Or one review per restaurant. Or max 5 votes for a singer in a contest.

How to do this?

The only way I can think of would be to use an image component to open the form from a users detail page. The actual column that holds the image link would have to be an arrayformula that would count the number of rows in the destination sheet of the form that match the users email. And if the count exceeds what you want, 1 or 5 or whatever, you wouldn’t display the image and there would be no component to select. I hope that makes sense.


Cool idea!

Didn’t quite get it. I am trying to get two things to work. Here is my sample RSVP app.

  1. Show RSVP button (image) only if user (email) hasn’t already done it. I found a formula that evaluates to 1 when exactly one RSVP per event per user is found. So if > 1, it should be stopped. Need help on this one. How do I pull the “User RSVP count” column in Event details page to add a condition on it? Another problem I have here is the ArrayFormula in the “User RSVP Count” Column in the RSVP sheet doesn’t go down the entire column.

  2. Carrying forward EventId into RSVP sheet when adding record. I got this to work by creating relation column in RSVP sheet pointing to EventId in Events sheet and then assigning it using “Column” field in add form design.

Thanks for help.

We’ll start with your second question. It looks like you may have figured it out, but I’m not sure why you are using a relation from the rsvp sheet to the event sheet. You may have done this, but I would set it up this way: First create a form button on your event page. Open the form button and add a column component for event id, which will pull the value from the event details and populate an event column in your rsvp sheet.

For your first question, I’ve been trying to think of a solution, but I’m not coming up with a good one, I tried a combination of relations and lookups, but I get stuck since there is no way to link from the event sheet to the rsvp result that matches the current user. Personally what I would do is let the user RSVP as many times as they want. They at least have a chance to change their mind. Then in a sheet with each unique user, you can use a vlookup to get the last result for each user. From there you can compile the results however you would like.

Thanks a lot for clarifying point 2. There was no need for the relation column. You’re right.

But your response to point 1 baffles me. Neither I can understand the formula nor I can tailor it to my sheet. In some situations, allowing users to enter many entries and counting the latest makes sense but it will count towards the row limit. Also it isn’t a clean way.

Could you please look at the sheet for my App? I have made two columns RSVP count based on Email and EventId - it works but is there a way to populate that formula to the entire column?

Try this. This is to replace the formula in your RSVP count Sum column: