Limiting row creation by user

Hi all,

I have a table that users can add rows to, but I want to limit the number of rows they can add based on a setting in their profile. Is there a way to do this?

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You can probably create a relation from the user table to your other tables, then create a Rollup to count the rows in the relation, then use that Rollup for various conditions in your app.


@Jeff_Hager 's solution is most suitable.

But i had one case (Add New Client Row) where i had some formulas in the google sheet and i couldn’t apply array rule to new rows. So there i named some additional rows as “Create Client” and pasted my complex formulas to all corresponding cells.

In my app, instead of add row, i changed the button to show list of clients. And i put filter that only one “Create Client” is visible. And i placed a limit of only one. And when the user clicks on Create Client, he is actually editing an existing row and not creating a new row! U can also add a conditional text message that once the rows are over, show “please contact app developer to unlock more rows”. Attaching a screenshot of that app here for reference. I hope this is also helpful.

But what would happen if the number of users who want to add surpasses the count of “Create Client” rows you have?

Wouldn’t bringing the formula to a helper row in Glide Tables and create a custom form be a better solution?


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