User RSVP with a single compound action button

Hey fellow gliders,
Is it at all possible to generate an RSVP column in an events sheet that contains the email of multiple users…without having to create and maintain a separate sheet that catalogues those RSVPs?

I’d like to be able to display all of the users who have RSVP’d to the ‘event’ on the event’s page.

I’ve created RSVP’s via a standalone sheet for those requests, but am curious if there’s a way without having to push the user through a form?

I believe you can adapt this to create a list of people who will attend, and won’t attend.

yes… Glide is a perfect tool for it…
create your own form… and update it live… you can even create beautiful emails when someone clicks to attend

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If possible I’d prefer to have it so that I don’t have to use a form! is that possible?

Thanks I’ll check this out.

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