How to make an RSVP-driven attendee list

I can’t figure this out for the life of me.

• I have an Event page. (easy)
• User can see tiles of attendee pics who also RSVP (easy)
• User can RSVP to attend event (easy) - (this would be a user-specific column right?)
• When User RSVP, his pic appears in the tile of attendees(easy)
• if I change user, I should still see user 1’s pic in the list of attendees along with all other attendees (hard)

The key complication to me is that the list of attendees is user built, rather than by a single inputter as in the cases of an employee directory. only as users RSVP, does the list of attendees grow.

I don’t know why I’m sticking. This should be simple… Help anyone?
I tried scouring the templates, and could not find an example (maybe I can’t think of the right example to look for), where a list can shows multiple people who took the same action.

I did @JackVaughan’s task builder tutorial yesterday…and felt like a rock star… then I get to this…and feel more like a pebble. lol!!!

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You must use a form to record each RSVP back to the sheet, then build a relation using the event ID and the “Join” status to show the attendees. The boolean value you mention is user-specific and can’t be seen by other users.