Having issues with Multiple Event RSVP

I have a simple Application for my club that meets monthly. Each month we have a new event. We require members to login into the app and RSVP.

I have the following sheets: Members, Events, Signups

  1. I want to allow only 1 RSVP per event so I need to hide the button after an RSVP.
  2. I need to have multiple Events so we can track participation.
  3. I have tried to use Relation Columns to check the signups which accurately show which events the member has signed up for. However when trying to use this to filter the RSVP Button, I can only check for the existence of an item, so if someone had already signed up for a previous event then the current event is not shown because the relation has items in it.
  4. I have tried to use a joined list to show email addresses of members who have signed up, however like the relation list each row has values regardless and if a member has already attended an event, and in the list I cannot ties this to filter by event, it’s just a list of email addresses.

I don’t think what I am trying to do should be this difficult.

  1. Show Event and RSVP button
  2. Log RSVP and Hide Button
  3. Show list of member that have signed up for event.

Create a template of email and event in both sheets. Then use that for your relation.


Appreciate the response, I was able to create a template column in the “Event Signup” sheet, but I am unclear on how to get template column relation working. The Template Column is not visible to the app-builder, I am a little unclear which 2 sheets need to be joined…

I have the following sheets:

  1. Members
  2. Events
  3. Signups

Right now I am placing the Signups from the Events page using am RSVP form. The RSVP button should only be visible if the Member hasn’t signed up for the Current Event.

I think I am trying too hard, and coming from regular App-Dev and Database Dev am not seeing the whole picture…:frowning:

What Jeff meant was to create that template in both sides to have a unique combination for checking process.

Let’s say in the events sheet, you create a templare joining the signed in user’s email and the event ID.

In the RSVP sheet, create a template joining the submitter’s email and the event ID, both should have been caught in the form/add row action.

Then create the relation from the event sheet that joins the templates above.

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I didn’t know that the User Email was contextual to the logged in user. Thanks for the clarification! I believe it working now.