Hide Button after an "RSVP"

I have an app where members can RSVP to an event, once they have RSVP’d I want the Button to be either disabled, overwrite the form data that exist on button press to prevent duplicates or just be removed from the screen. Is this possible without a lot of Sheet -Gymnastics? Seems like something that should be easy to solve, but I can’t seem to find anything as far as guidance.

You can use visibility condition. If user has RSVP, the button/component will not be visible anymore.

You would have a RSVP Sheet with columns for Email, Event ID, RSVP and Timestamp (Optional).

Create a relation matching the Event ID in the original sheet to the RSVP Sheet, make it multiple matches. Make a joined list column in the Event sheet, returning all Emails.

Hide the button if the joined list includes signed-in user’s email.

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I saw that but I am unable to get the data from the Target Sheet to test for the condition. I made the Button an “Add Row” button, but since the button doesn’t have any feedback, this led to users pressing it multiple times, then I added a FORM to submit the data to a “Sign Up” sheet. THis work well however I cannot check the “Target” or “SignUp” sheet for existing values in sheet, so a Use case would be that if someone has already signed up, either hide the submit check mark, or just submit gracefully, not adding a row? Does this make sense? Thanks!

Another way for you to go with this is to have a user-specific boolean column in the Events sheet.

Make a compound action like this.

  • Add row (to RSVP Sheet like above)
  • Set column (Set a Boolean column in the Event sheet to true)
  • Show notification that the RSVP is recorded.
  • Hide the button if Boolean is true.

thank you! that worked great!

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