Help with limiting form entries

We have a app where users can submit a run sheet for calls. We want to limit the submission and remove the button or grey it out - perhaps saying it is “Already Completed”

Use a visibility condition on the button such that it is only shown when the Status is not Completed (or however else you determine the status).

The call just comes in and has no status. It just exists in the table. However we need multiple firefighters to submit run reports to the “Call ID”, but only one report per user. The email column is added to sheet, but I need an effective way to see if the user has already submitted a record for that call, and disable the form submisson.

Create a Query column, and target it at your Calls table. Apply the following filters:

  • CallID is This Row->CallID, and
  • email is signed in user

Use the state of the query column as a visibility condition on the button. If the query column is not empty, the signed in user has already submitted a report for this call, so hide the button.

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I tried this but it seems limiting. Perhaps because we do not have an email attached to the calls, which would not work anyhow.

How are you inputting the calls in your app?

IT would be nice if we could create a relation, where we could see the field of my “SubmittedRuns” to show that there email address exists on the row entry of that specific call ID, as a “submission” and remove the button view.

I believed I solved it. I added a relation to the Calls ID table. This also allows me to set the visibility of the button. Thanks!

The bottom line is that if you have a field that can be related between two tables, you can use it to create a relation and hide the button.

We don’t know the full structure and meaning of your data, so I hope the call ID setup you have above is correct.

Please let us know if you need anymore help.

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