Create an email list of event attendees for group email

Probably a simple way to do but I would like to create a list of emails. If someone says they are attending an event then I’d like to add their email list to a field which can used to group email everyone that signed up for that same event. I have a Boolean user specific button that they select if they are attending an event. Having trouble figuring out how to create the email list of everyone who did the same.

Im assuming you have a list of events and then a separate list of RSVPs. In the RSVP list, create an ifThenElse column with the following logic:

  • If RSVP is true/yes/whatever, then EventID
  • else (blank)

Back in the Event list, create a multiple relation column linking the Event ID to the ifThenElse column in the RSVP log.

This should create a relation to all affirmative RSVPs. From there, create a joinText column pointing at that relation column to get a comma separated list of emails of people who RSVPd yes.

Use that joinText column in an email component or webhook action.

Just saw that you’re using user specific columns. My solution won’t account for that.

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As Robert said, you can’t get a list info with a user-specific columns. Info needs to be written to a new sheet, and each user in his/her own row.

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Actually, you can :wink:
But I agree, a simpler and more robust solution would be to use a separate linked table.

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Does your solution take into account cases where people would want to revert to unread?

No, it doesn’t. And that’s definitely a limitation.
If I was doing it again now, I’d probably adapt the technique that @SantiagoPerez and I developed, which in turn was adapted from @Jeff_Hager’s Reset Multiple Rows example.

All roads lead back to Jeff :rofl:

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He usually takes some breaks here and there for camping if I’m not wrong haha.

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I’m still here. I did go camping last weekend, but also needing a mental break for awhile. Might still be sporadic for awhile. Work has been brutal with a lot of long days.


Take care Jeff. We all do need those breaks.

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You’ve been missed, but I understand.
Take care, Jeff

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