A question about user specific

In an app for meetings, I make the column user-specific where people can say they will be there.
I understand that now for every user this is different. But is there none-the-way a way to collect all the people that will be there? A list with people attending? I have done this, but sometimes when it’s too long ago I forget … Hoping for answers!

No, there is no way to roll up user specific columns.
What you would be better of doing is having a column in your events table that contains a joined list of UserID’s (or emails) of all those attending. If a user says they are attending, add their ID/email to the list.


I think the answer is the same because favorites are also user-specific, but do you know if there is a way to count the number of users that have added an element as a “favorite”, using the default Glide favorite system?

No, for the same reason Darren stated above. You would have to build your own “Favorites” system to do that.

Basically add a button inside the details view of each item, and increment a normal number column every time a user clicks the “Favorite” button.


@ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy After watching the video of the mighty @Robert_Petitto I definitely understand more! Luckily I was able to use the multiselect choice button to make things easier in this specific case. That helped. Thanks all!
But I go from problem to problem or opportunity to opportunity :wink:
Here’s where I am stuck now.
A person has 4 relation columns for meetings in different rooms with their own start and stop times. Is there a way to combine them in one list to sort them on time?

Hi @erwblo …happy that a video of mine helped you out… Hm…not sure why you’d have 4 relation columns. Is your table structure Users & Rooms & Reservations? If I have 4 meetings in different rooms, wouldn’t that just be one relation column from Users > Reservations?

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It’s pretty possible that I did it wrong or used the wrong data structure, of course :wink:
I think that must be the case! Back to the writing board I assume!