Make a relation column with user favorites

it’s surely a no-brainer , but …

I can’t find a way to set a relation column in “Users” sheet which relate the favorite “Events” of every “User”.



It is a user-specific column so we don’t have a way to do that now.



It will be great to have a solution for this in the future …I’ve stumbled upon this also wanting to create a list with all the favorite items without putting them in separate inline lists. I can select the field but it doesn’t display anything.

Hopefully there will be a fix for this moving forward …it’s not a must have, but for sure it’s nice to have it.

So you want to combine rows from different tables into one inline list of “favorites”?

Yes … and I know there is a little challenge there because they could have different columns.
Right now I was able to add the favorite items in another cell by creating in each table that has favorites another if-then-else column that adds the value 1 if the row has favorite checked.
In the table that I add them, I’ve created a column that has the value 1 and after that I’ve created the relation columns checking the 1 in the table I want to have all the favorite items with the 1 in each table from where I want to grab the favorite items.
I now have a table with the columns that contain the favorite items for each table, but I can’t merge them into one column in order to display them in one list.

Hope this makes sense.

Now, the problem I can see here is the difference between columns in each table when selecting in the list what to be displayed … so, I’m figuring something like this could work:

  • The columns that will be displayed in the list selection will be only the columns that have the same column name and type in order to have the same data
  • when clicking on each item, it will automatically display the detail screen for that item … so here, it shouldn’t be a problem

Now, why I need this is because from a user UX point of view, when you have multiple lists , you don’t want to go to each list to see what you’ve marked as favorite and also, if those lists have a location you may want to see them all inside a map.