List of users going to event

I need a bit of help with something as I’m still new to glide.

I’m looking at adding a section to an event where it shows a list of people who are going to the event but I’m struggling to work out how to get it so that people can tick that they’re going and also show the list of people that have ticked that they’re going.

Hope that makes sense.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Check this out:


Amazing video thankyou so much.

One question, is there a way, using either process to display a list of the people who have checked in/RSVP’d rather than just a number of people?

You bet. Depending which method you go with, you’d just display the multiple relation of RSVPs as a collection/inline list

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Hi @Robert_Petitto. I followed your tutorial so thank you for that! I’m new to Glide so could you elaborate a little more about what you mean by multiple relations of RSVPs as a collection/inline list?

If you build the list of people RSVPing as a string in the same table (option 2 in your video), would that be possible?

If you build it as a CSV string (I assume RowIDs of users), then you’d split the column, and then do a multiple relation to the users table.

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Thank you for responding so quickly! A quick Google search on the definition of multiple relations and I got a beautiful list of user profile pictures.


But wait, it gets better!
There is actually documentation on this topic, complete with a video :wink: