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Hello everyone, I am new to glide and I am not a computer expert.
I want an app to manage outings with my band. I have a table with the exits and I would like the members to answer if they are present or not.
In my members column only one entry is possible, this one is replaced by another and does not accumulate.

Can you help me? Thank you.

@Inde i suggest you create two different sheets as event list and attendance.
Attendance is where all the users can say if they attended the event.
Event list would show up a list of events for them to mark their attendance.

Then after this create relation between the event and the attendance to map users to an event.
How to create relations can be found below:

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Thank you for your explanation but I do not understand.
I have a list with the names of the participants, a list with the possible answers, a list of the events with: a date, a description, participants, answers.
I have to create another list with the responses of each participant and link this to the list of events? How do I make the connection?
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Yes, I believe it would be the easiest to have another table that contains the event ID, the participant ID, a Date, and the Answer. The Event table would just contain information about the event. The new responses table would contain a list of all responses for all events. To link the Event table to the Response table, all you need is a Multiple Relation column that links the Event ID in the Events table to the Event ID in the Responses table. On the events table, you can have a form button to submit a response. Inside of the form, you can automatically include the Event ID, the User Email or ID, and the Date without them having to type or select from a list of choices. All they need to select is their answer. Then you could display an inline list in the Event details screen that uses the relation as the source.