Action with "many to ..." relationships

I am facing a persistent problem… :exploding_head:
I work directly on glide editor:
I have an Events table, a User table, an Event_participant table.
I would like a user to be able to subscribe or unsubscribe from an event.

My user is on the event page. When registering, with the “Add row” action, it’s create a new row in my “Event_participant” sheet.
However I have a real problem to delete the line. In fact, the “delete row” action does not allow you to delete a row in other sheet of your page (here Events).
I tried to create relationships, but I notice that actions are possible with “one to …” relationships but not with “many to…” relationships.
In desperation, I thought to myself that I would create a column for each potential participant. It’s not very pretty, but in my case I could limit registrations to 20 people.
However, this solution gives me another problem:
I would like to retrieve the participant’s ID in the Event table in one of the columns Part_1, Part_2,…Part_20 depending on the first which will be empty.
Do you have an idea ?
Thanks !

You can use the relation from event to the user registration. I talk a bit about it here:

And here:


A very big thank you… :pray:
I was gravitating around the solution but I clearly couldn’t have found it on my own.
The first link doesn’t work but the second video talk exactly about my problem. I followed the steps and it works.
This is not the first time I see one of your tutorials and you know “some heroes don’t wear a cape”.
Thank you so much

Thanks for the kind words. Here’s the first link again:


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