Filtering data for subscribers

My POC App is

Here is what I am trying to do. Basically, I want to create separate workspaces or filtered partition based on certain criterion in my App / data.

  1. An event organizer will create an event. This makes an entry in the Events sheet.
  2. Now, the organizer will email people she wants to invite with App’s link, organizer’s email and event code. This will be done manually or with a service like constant contact. Or may be I will think about doing this from the App.
  3. On receipt of the invitation email, participant will open the App, key in organizer’s email and event code. The participant will see the specific event that matched the above condition and RSVP for it.

I am thinking the landing page will have two buttons.

Button 1: “Organize an event” for the organizers which will open “Create event” form. I plan to make this a paid option.

Button 2: “Participate in an event” for participants which will open a form to accept the condition fields (organizer email and event code). After validating, the participant will be taken to the event detail page that will match this condition. Any data the participant will see will be ONLY and ONLY for the event record that resulted from the above condition validation.

Please provide guidance.

For your Button 2, I would take the user to a details page that will open a record that matches their email address. I would place 2 text entry fields on the page for organizer email and event code. The user will enter the required values. Using a Template column, you can join the 2 values together into one. Then create a Relation column that matches the joined values to join values on the event sheet. Use the relation to fill an inline list below the entry fields on the details page. From there they can click on the list item to view the event and submit their RSVP.

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I am trying to get this implemented. But my issue is: I don’t have email addresses of the invited people in the App / Sheet. So “I would take the user to a details page that will open a record that matches their email address.” isn’t something I have. I am thinking an organizer will manually send out invites or use some other automated system to do that. Typing in email addresses or phone numbers of the people to be invited seems cumbersome in the glide App.

Do you plan to have the users log in at all, or is the app going to be public? What kind of information will you get from the user when they RSVP?

Since I am requiring participants to enter three fields to reach to the event record (organiser email, event code, participant email), I am not going to ask for login. That’s my initial thought.

Going to require name and yes/no in rsvp.

I tried quite a bit but couldn’t get the workflow going.

i.e. participant clicks “View and RSVP” button from launch screen. Lands on a screen with three entry fields (organiser email, event code, participant email) and an action button. All three are mandatory.

On next screen participant sees exactly one event record that matched with the two values (not participant email). If no record matches, it gives message and action button to re-enter values.

Any ideas?

I’m curious if you ever made any progress on this. I’m still stuck on how to properly create filters without having a record for every individual user. I think you need a record for each user because the entry fields only work when they are linked to a record in the sheet. In your case you don’t want to update a shared record for all users. I think I might write of a feature request for entry fields that can used for filtering without actually saving to the sheet.