Collecting mails for different apps in the same spreadsheet

Hi guys.
I searched the forum but if I’m not wrong I didn’t find anything similar.

I’m running various PRO apps, they are all practically the same app with just different colors/logo and so they are linked to the same Google Spreadsheet.

In that Spreadsheet, Glide generated 2 tabs: App: Logins and App: Metadata, but let’s focus on App: Logins.
The problem is that all the collected emails are in the App: Logins tab, without any distinction so I can’t understand from where the user comes.

I don’t know if there is a solution for that.
If yes, please let me know.
If not I simply suggest Glide team to add another column like the one in the screenshot below or just create a different App: Logins tab for each App.

I don’t think there’s a solution for this. If it’s not too much of a rebuild I would combine those apps into one and use tab visibility to manage things in one place.

Maybe use different sheets, then use IMPORTRANGE to pull in data from the original spreadsheet? Not sure if that would give you everything you need, but it would give you separate App: Logins sheets for each app.

I have 2 pro apps running from 1 sheet. I have profiles enabled, one app the users are whitelisted and the profile points to a sheet called profiles, the other points the profile to the App:Logins sheet and isn’t whitelisted.

EDIT: I mis-spoke. My internal app profiles are on one sheet called “Staff”, and the external app has a sheet called “Profiles”. All users who log in, no matter which app still show up on the App:Logins tab.

I would enable user profiles for each app and have separate user profile sheets for each app. Whenever a user signs in for the first time, a new user row will be created in each respective user profile sheet that pertains to each app.