Create demo user


I want to demo my app, which is designed to usually have signed in users, each with their own data.

In this case I am creating an email so that anyone can see the data from it so that they dont have to create their ow profile.

I want users so scan the code, then input that specific email and take them directly to the app without pin.
Is this possible?

Otherwise, how can I create an app that is public for anyone without the need for an email and pin?

There is a way to achieve that! But once the user leaves the app and comes back again! All the data is reset.
You have use User Specific Columns which keep the data local for every user and it acts as every user has their own copy of the app.
You can read more about it here.
User-specific columns - Glide Library.

I think what you can do here is creating a public app with an option to login.

When users don’t login, you show them info of that “demo” user.

When users login, you do some filtering & visibility conditions so that they only see their own data.

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