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This is a problem that is only occurring with the current version of our app.
With the pre-existing versions of the app we were able to save the app to a phone’s home screen as an app. This is no longer an available option. We can only save this new version as a bookmark. How do we save this app to the home screen as app / change this option back to its original feature?

Which phone make/model, and which browser?

You can only install Glide apps on mobile by using Chrome on Android, or Safari on IOS.

Iphone 10. Safari.
I’ve installed it on the phone now but instead of having it open as a web page I need it to open how it normally would. I need it to open as an app on the phone (outside of a browser)
How can I make that happen?

Did you follow the instructions in that video and add it to your homescreen?

Once you’ve done that, it will behave like a native app. But it still runs in a browser. There is no getting away from that, it’s how PWA’s work.

I followed the directions in the video.
It’s on the home screen now.
It asked me to log in. I submitted my email and It asked me to go into my email to log in.
I opened the email and I got in but I’m not trying to get in from the browser I’m trying to get in from the app that is on my phone as opposed to the browser.

For example it used to not say “BookMark”. It is supposed to say and originally said the name of the app.

I’m sorry, I’m not following you. Assuming that you’re using the standard PIN based authentication, then once you’ve added the app to your home screen, the flow should be:

  • Tap App icon on home screen, and app opens
  • If you’re not already signed in, you’ll see the login screen and it’ll ask for your email
  • You enter your email address, and the app sends you a PIN
  • You check your email, and retrieve the PIN
  • Return to the app, enter the PIN, and you’re signed in.

Thereafter, every time you open the app from your home screen, you should be automatically signed in (as long as you haven’t previously signed out or deleted the authentication cookie).

Is the above not what’s happening?

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This is not what’s happening.
It is not sending me a PIN.

Does the app have to be published in order for us to have that feature?
With our original version of the app that was the process but now that’s not how it’s letting us in.
It is asking for the email address and then once I put that it’s not letting me log in from within the app.
I have to log in from the browser instead of in the app.
Once I log in from the browser (by opening the email sent after inputting my email address) It has me open a link and it takes me directly to the browser version of the glide site that shows the chart and other parts of the app instead of the actual app.

Do you have screenshots or a video of what’s happening. I’m getting really confused. You say you aren’t getting a pin, but then you say you are getting one. Is the app published or not? If you are visiting the published url of your app, then it’s published. What are you clicking on in your email? You should be getting a pin number. Once you get the pin number email, then you just go back into you installed app and enter the number. I never click on any link from the pin email.

I will post screenshots here. I used to get a PIN but the app had to be revised.
This current version of the app does not give a PIN.

Are you trying to install the builder for the app or the published app? Seems like you are trying to sign into glide…not the app itself.

Let me ask this. What is your published app url?

I’m trying to install the published app

So you are visiting the published url? What’s the url?

The screenshot looks like emails when you invite a user to a team, not when you try to sign in to a production app.

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