How To Install a Glide App | Instructional Video

Hey Gliders,

We’ve made a short video to show people how to install Glide Apps.

This will hopefully be useful to you in educating your users, so feel free to link to or embed anywhere you like.

Obviously this video will become dated as time passes & new versions of iOS & Android are released - so stay tuned for updates to video in the future.


Thanks! I had been looking forward to this for quite a while.

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Can anyone recommend software for creating phone mockup videos?

I’ve tried a few ways and none turn up as nice as this!

I use Screenflow for Mac.

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Thank you. Saved me a bit of work as I was planning to do something similar for my app.

@Jaime, this is just a recording of a real phone :wink:

However, if you are needing to do it only on the computer, there are a couple of ways:

1 - X Code Simulator.
2 - If you are happy cropping video in the editing process, you can also just use Glide’s play page. Probably a bit easier. (example at the start of this video)

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Thanks Jack. I’ll give xcode a try :slight_smile:

I am using an Android phone. After I add to Home screen, next time, I open the app, when I see the list of apps open by clicking on the Hamburger icon at the bottom of the android phone, it shows my app as a Google Chrome icon with a small indicator indicating it is a web app. Then, after I open google chrome for browsing, and when I again see the list of apps open by clicking the hamburger icon on the android phone at the bottom, I don’t see my app in the list of open apps, I see only the Chrome app, which is the chrome window I opened. So, it isn’t user friendly for the user to always click on the app icon on Home screen to revisit the app, rather than open it from the list of apps as one would normally do. Is it possible for my app to be seen as a separate app? Another question is, will it be possible for user to see the app icon rather than google chrome icon with web app indicator?

@vijay. When you added the app to the homescreen, does the icon have a chrome symbol on it? It shouldn’t. I’m wondering if it installed as a chrome shortcut instead of an app. What you are describing shouldn’t be happening. I’m on Android and my app is treated as a separate app. There is no chrome icon on my app when I open the open apps menu. Unless something is different with your phone. Do you have a screenshot of what the icon looks like on the home screen and what it looks like when you open the menu?

Screen on phone when I see the list of open apps. The chrome icon with an arrow is the Tutorhelp app.

On home screen the app is named Tutorhelp

The icon on your homescreen looks normal. Sometimes people have had it install as a web shortcut instead of a web app and you see a small chrome icon overlaid on the app icon. Your’s doesn’t have that little chrome icon, which is good.

I’m surprised to see the app showing as “Web App” in your open apps screen. What version of Android are you running? What’s the model of your phone?

Thanks, now do one in Hebrew :wink:

@vijay That’s a pretty old version of Android. Version 10 is the latest and they are working on Version 11. The OS might not be fully compatible with the latest features of PWA’s.

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Ok. Thanks, Then it is fine. Thanks for checking.

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Anybody know if there is a way to edit the tab “Get the app” so we can add this instructional video to that page? Seems like best spot for it.

Can you tell us where the “Get the app” tab is? Do you mean the “About” tab?

It’s on the top left menu. See images.

It’s the “About” screen but you renamed it.

At the moment we don’t have an option to add any components to that tab.

Hi all, this option on my chrome navigator for install the app just disapear, I don’t know why, I need this install option.Can anyone help me to recover this option or tell me another way to install the app in mobiles and pc?