Make a dedicated "install" button for apps

I noticed this option on a PWA from a website I was on.

A dedicated “install” button, which when tapped, prompts the user to download the app to home screen. I think an option like this would increase likelihood of users installing any particular app.

Can Glide do this?
Should Glide be able to do this?



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Agreed. On my list of requests that I haven’t made yet is either make this more prominent as suggested above, or in the meantime, Please change the label of the tab from “About” to “Share”. Share is embedded with no cue and it’s not found unless someone tells you where it is. I wouldn’t click on “about” and expect the option to share the app inside. :upside_down_face:


+1 :wink:

@Avery_Rawlek If it’s not already there, you could add your idea to the app for feature requests.

Let us know here so those who wish can go vote for your entry.

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I would love this as well!

For now, I just have some CTA text.

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I’ve now added this to the “Feature requests”. Vote on it here!

Hi Guys, my 1st post here.

But after some research, i found a way around the add to home mess. We can add a install button directly to the app by doing the following:

  1. Download the app to your own phone by adding to home screen as usual, you must use chrome browser for this( i will let you why )

  2. Once downloaded, you need to download a app sharing app, like Share-it, or App Sharer etc. Use the app to share the application to another phone, your glide app will show-up as an apk file.

  3. Once you have that apk file on your other device. Just upload it to any file upload site and create a link to it, which you will use to put as a button in glide app as open link or just share the link directly with users. ( i put as the 1st screen users see, all other tabs are hidden until user clicks Install, on clicking install cell is incremented by 1 and this values is used to unlock the other tabs.

  4. On opening the link users can download the apk and get a prompt to install or add to home screen. (reason for using chrome is, most users have chrome installed, if not they will be prompted to download chrome to run the app)

  5. More need to worry about users unable to see the add to home screen mess. Not sure if anyone else thought or tried it, but it works 100%.


And what about iOS… :smirk: 80% of my traffic comes from iOS…

hi, for IOS you can do the same thing, just download the glide app to home screen, get a sharing app or use built in one, and share the app. It should work, but i have not tried it yet, will update shortly.