Make a dedicated "install" button for apps

I noticed this option on a PWA from a website I was on.

A dedicated “install” button, which when tapped, prompts the user to download the app to home screen. I think an option like this would increase likelihood of users installing any particular app.

Can Glide do this?
Should Glide be able to do this?



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Agreed. On my list of requests that I haven’t made yet is either make this more prominent as suggested above, or in the meantime, Please change the label of the tab from “About” to “Share”. Share is embedded with no cue and it’s not found unless someone tells you where it is. I wouldn’t click on “about” and expect the option to share the app inside. :upside_down_face:


+1 :wink:

@Avery_Rawlek If it’s not already there, you could add your idea to the app for feature requests.

Let us know here so those who wish can go vote for your entry.

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I would love this as well!

For now, I just have some CTA text.

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