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Is there a way to create CSS button, that will initiate App installation? Is so hard to explain users how to do it, and if you open the app in some browsers or platforms, there is no icon for that.

From what I understand, that is beyond the scope of what we can do ourselves in glide. It’s possible and I’ve seen it work before on another website, but it involves capturing the install event and saving it for use later. Then I believe it’s more of a prompt that shows and based on the user response, it will fire the captured event or keep storing it for later. Where it gets tricky is that the install prompt is largely controlled by the browser, and once a user has permanently dismissed or accepted the prompt, then I believe there is no way to trigger it again short of clearing the browser cache for that site.


im struggling too, i have over 200 users using the app at an event and so difficult to explain how to install it

Really? There’s only 2 ways to do it on a phone…

Glide shows it in less than 50secs

:bulb: My Sugestion: don’t use Samsung browser in Android because - so far I know - doesn’t exist an option to “Add to Home Screen”

I recreated a video showing and explaining it and always send to my clients who’s having issues to add the app

this is for public apps that users won’t contact developers on how to install an App or even have a clue that there is an option like that…
that’s why it would be good if there is a button to do it for them.
@Lucas_Pires trust me, I witness so many people having a hard time to do it even when I was standing next to them helping, there is a lot of dum peoples.

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What would it be a solution then?
What about to test the new yes-code column with @Jeff_Hager tip? Maybe this can work?

i did not play with that yet… i have 2 apps to finish in 3 weeks… no time now

I honestly think that is something that glide would have to program for. Something like this involves working with event listeners and behind the scenes coding which we don’t have access to. Unless somebody wants to develope their own hosted PWA with a glide PWA embedded within it, then intercept the ‘beforeinstallprompt’ event and build your own prompt that recalls that event whenever you want. I still think it’s a one shot chance for the user to accept the prompt. If they reject it, then the user will still have to manually perform the install themselves without a prompt.

Again, that’s just how I understand it.


I know a “solution” but it only works on Android devices:

just generate a Google Drive Direct Link of an apk:

It makes sense Jeff

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Is there an app both for IOS and Android, where users can download and type glideapp URL and it makes it full screen. Basically running the PWA within a another native app?

i tried using Nativator viewer to achieve this but it keeps logging user out. Just got me thinking if there was another app that does this?

You could use
but you must host the files it generates on your own server (that means spending money)