Install App replacing Add to Home Screen

Just noticed this improved update on my Android device when adding an app today - instead of “Add to Home Screen”, I am seeing “Install App”. This should help with first time users - does anyone else see the same?


Just checked my Samsung Tab - Hooray!! Same here. Sooo much easier for new users

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Percebi isso hoje também no Samsung do meu filho!

Interesting. This is a change that Google made to Chrome.


Would be wonderful if Apple did the same thing with Safari. Not holding my breath though…


@Amal I’m sorry, what does this have to do with Google Chrome’s change? I’m not talking about an APK file.


Yeah, but it takes mine few clicks here and there before it shows up. Not sure if it’s because the internet speed or what.

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@Hello_Mars Welcome to the community! Yeah, sometimes it waits until the page is finished loading

I have worked with a couple of people that can’t find an “add to home” and it turns out in each case they do not have either Safari or Chrome as the default browser on their phone, instead are using the “internet” icon. In both cases they had a Galaxy Note 8. I have a regular Galaxy 8 with no issues, but native browser is a good question to ask if you are troubleshooting with someone who just can’t find the button.

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The cool thing about ‘Install app’ is that even if it’s a play store app, it’ll also pop up! For example, going to google classroom ( and clicking ‘install’ will bring you to the play store!

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