Install app on iphone safari

Hi GLiders,

need some help,
one of my users is using iphone and for some reason can’t find the install to home screen on the safari anymore (he used to see it in the setting but not anymore).

this is what he see:

anyone is using iphone and can print screen for me the process in iphone so the user can install?

appreciates the help :wink:

Did the user access the app from an external app, let’s say Gmail or Facebook?

Can you tell him/her to copy the link, open it straight in Safari to see if it works?


In the “Action Edit…” menu, the bottom blue link in the second image, check if is present “Add to Home Screen”.
If the iPhone is a corporate phone, might have a limiting profile installed.

We tried this already. Direct link. Not showing the install option in the salary not in chrome

Personal phone.
Will check what you said

Does the install option appears in Chrome? What’s the default browser? Last release of iOS allows to choose a different browser (instead of Safari) as default, if this is the case, try to revert back to Safari as default and check if the option is back again.
BTW, reboot every time you make a change.

The picture is Google Chrome. The link must be opened in Safari to see the Add to Home Screen option.