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I don’t know if this is a bug or a request but I’m handling it as a bug. (edit: moved it to feature requests)

When you open an apps URL on iPhone on Google Chrome you get the prompt to add the app to your home screen. This can’t be done in Google Chrome. You must open the URL I safari to be able to add it to your home screen.

A fix for this: let the site check if your on Safari and if not, prompt the user to open in safari.

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Can you show a video of you opening it in Chrome and not be able to add it to your home screen? Thank you.

No need for a screenshot/video. The Google Chrome App don’t have the function to add a bookmark to your home screen. Only Safari can do that on iPhone.

Have searched for some info, indeed it does not let you add via Chrome but it’s the browser settings, not a Glide bug.

That’s why I wrote, “I don’t know if this is a bug or a request”. I know it’s not a bug but the user could get a prompt to open the app in Safari if he/she opens the app in a web browser other than Safari. As of now the prompt sais to click the icon and add to home screen. The “Share” button exists on Chrome but there is no function to add to home screen. Users will get confused if they don’t know this.

Yeah I have tried to reproduce that with a Chrome app on my iOS, indeed it would be nice to let users know they can only do that in Safari.

You can add that as a request on here:

Do you want to change this topic to a “Feature request” instead of a “Bug”?

I’ve changed the topic.

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Still no news about this? Seems like a pretty important feature…

Yes, it’s an old issue.

I don’t think Glide team can be much to fix it due to it’s associated to iOS or Chrome itself running on that OS.

Safari has other issues that Chrome doesn’t have. If you use some html/CSS code in a Richt Text component for example, your tricks will work perfectly but using Safari, some of them won’t.

Here an example:
Try to see my Pizza logo on my demo APP using both browsers (Home tab called “Inicio”).

It’s the same iOS but Chrome can show my logo fine while Safari isn’t able to work with my little CSS code.


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