Was this fixed - iPhone + Chrome + "No add to Home Screen"

I checked and this problem has been recognized (Chome on iOS does not have an option to ‘add to home screen’) BUT …

Can the Glide / App not realize that the browser is Chrome and therefore present a different notification? Right now it is misleading and incorrect - so not a good user experience.


I am having this same issue with Chrome on iPhone not showing any means of adding to home scree, and the app telling a user to do so anyway.

The problem / error in functional logic is still there :frowning:

Hola Mark,

This isn’t a problem associated or caused by Glide, it is caused by Apple’s restrictions.

On iOS, the only one browser able to create a PWA’s shortcut (icon) on desktop is Safari!

Sometimes the little apple guys bother more than necessary! :face_with_thermometer:

But it would be good to only present the Add to Home option if it is genuinely available. Otherwise you might as well say ‘add to home and add 200 Bitcoin to my account’ in Chrome (which would not be true either!)

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Ah… you are talking about the Glide notification!!

Yes, I agree with you totally!