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I would like to know if there is an action to get the message below to the user. I have not had issues on Android, but a user on IOS said it never showed her the message, and she has to go through Safari to load the app. I don’t know enough about Apple to help her.

I saw someone comment on another post, “They can always add to home screen from the browser menu.” When I run my app on Android from the Icon, it runs full screen and I don’t see a browser menu.


Unfortunately, no.

I would direct your user to this short guide:


Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I marked it as the solution, but I am disappointed because if you write an app for general release, you shouldn’t have to hold people’s hands to install it. This user was a Beta user. This pre-release showed me some flaws and shortcomings in my app (a user entered their name with a space at the ending, forcing me to add a “trim” column to my match), but also highlighted some of the shortcomings of Glide.

On Android, once you’ve dismissed that ‘add to home screen’ prompt, it never shows again.

On Android, a user can be directed to press the “3 dot” menu in Chrome, then “Install App” to add it to their home screen (if they dismiss the pop-up).

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May I ask why are you using a relation for the user’s name column? Or do you have a username setup that does not allow duplicates?

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Thanks for asking. In one table, a user can “share” entries with other users by entering their name or email separated by commas. It reduces the row usage of the app, which will be considerable. I am trying lots of tricks to reduce that load.

I have not seen that on my Android. I am assuming you’d have to be running the app in a browser, which I am not. It’s full screen.

An app can only be added to the home screen by opening it in the Chrome browser on Android.

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PWA apps are still ran on top of the browser engine once “installed”. Because of that, for an app to be “installed”, it has to use a browser that’s deeply integrated with the OS (Chrome on Android, and Safari on iOS). Once an app is installed as a PWA, it will run full screen when you click on the home screen icon.

For all PWA’s, the installation popup will only pop up once, and if a user dismisses it, there is absolutely no way to trigger it again unless you clear the browser cache for the app’s url. This is due to how the browser works, not glide. Chrome and Safari allow the user to dismiss these popups so they are not annoyed with the pop-up displaying persistently (similar to websites that ask to send you notifications)…so there is no way to overcome that. The only option for installation at that point, is for the user to clear their cache to trigger the pop-up again, or open the browser menu and select the Install to Homescreen option.

If your app is already full screen, I can only assume that you already have the app installed, or you are running a browser in full screen, or you are using some other browser that doesn’t support PWA installation and/or run full screen on its own.


So paste the link into the URL of the chrome browser?

Correct…then from the chrome menu, select add to homescreen. On a Mac/PC there’s an “install” icon in the address bar.


Sounds like you can use a choice component and point that to the user profiles list, allowing multiple selections. From what you wrote I think you’re letting users type that instead of choosing.


Yes, in this case, we don’t want others to see who all is using the app – they can “share” to people by giving a list, and if those people are users, they will see the data. I use choice components in other places where the list to choose from < 100, and even those use row owners and can be filtered by user, so some users see some entries, and others not, etc.

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