Icon and auto add to home screen option on Android

Hi - I’ve noted similar issues on here. I’m new to Glide and pleased with my first App which works well and uploaded perfectly to my Android phone, including the options pop up to add Icon to the home screen. I’ve since duplicated the original App and on subsequent publishing, I’m experiencing the same issues as others, no option to auto add to the home screen and when I use the Add to home screen function on the browser, I can only add a chrome link and not PWA. This also means my Icon does not display.

Any thoughts?


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+1. Same problem with a newly created app from scratch

+1 the popup doesn’t come up on Android. And, even from iPhone, if I’m accessing the app through Chrome, I don’t get the option to Add To Home Screen after the popup (I can only add a Bookmark).

This is my first community post. Does a Glide rep review and comment? not sure what happens next. Any help gratefully received. Gary

Just some additional thoughts and posts from the past. The Glide team does participate in the forum, but not extensively. They wouldn’t have any time to fix and update Glide if all they did was answer questions, so I wold say it’s more focused on user to user interaction. But like I said, they are active on here. I just don’t know to what extent.

Is this still an issue? I’ve just tested and I can add to home screen with the expected icon.

Which version of Android and device are you on? Can you share a video of it happening?

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Hi David, yes it is. I use a Xiaomi Mi2 android (please don’t judge me:-)) running Android 10. I had an app which work ok and duplicated for the second app which didn’t. As a test, I duplicated the second App and published the copy and it worked!

So I’m not sure what changed, but my issue is solved. Others may want to try this to fix their problem. Let me know guys as I’m new here, but interested to increase my knowledge on Glide - it’s excellent. Gary