Glide App PWA disappears from home screen!

Hi all, I built an glide app, published it and added it to my home screen on Andriod. After a few days I see that the app disappears from my homescreen. Is it for everyone? If not, why could this be happening to me?

This is weird, first time I hear this. Please report back again if you can reproduce the problem.

What do you mean by “the app disappears from my home screen”:

The app icon disappears from your home screen?
Or you launch the app and it suddenly shuts down?
Or you launch the app and the launch-splash screen flashes/blinks once or twice?

I’ve actually had this happen before on my Android device. For me, the app icon will, for no known reason, be removed from my homescreen. However, the app is still “installed” on my device and can be found in my full list of apps (when opening the full app drawer). From there, I can tap and drag the icon back to my homescreen.

I have no idea why this happens, but it has done it a few times over the course of about a year. I’m guessing it’s an Android thing and not something that is Glide-specific (likely just a PWA issue on Android).

@volvox can you confirm that your app is still found on the device and can be dragged back to the homescreen? Or, do you lose the app completely?

The app icon disappears from my home screen. It happened to me twice so far.

I readded the icon already. I will check when it happens again.

Has anyone solved this issue? I have users with this issue when adding the PWA of our apps on their phone. After a few days it disappears and it’s NOT in their full list of apps when opening the app drawer.

Is it only on Android or do you observe the same behaviour in other operation systems as well?

Only on Android

That’s weird. I think you should submit a ticket.

will do, thanks

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