Add app to home screen button

Hi Our users got this button in their browser but they are not able to download the app since this button is unresponsive

I’ve never seen it work on Android. It’s not the native android/chrome install popup. I think it’s Glide’s version. I’ve mentioned several times in other posts and expert channels that, from what I understand about PWAs and Android, I don’t get how it could ever work properly.

This it what it looks like for me. The default installation pop-up displays on top of the glide pop-up. Once I dismiss the default pop-up to get to the glide pop-up, then the install does nothing because there is no possible way that glide can retrigger the dismissed installation procedure. Very confusing.

First time into the app:

After dismissing the default pop-up. Then I see the the glide pop-up, which does nothing.

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Correct, this actually confusing. Like whats the solution to it, no idea :frowning:

I don’t know. I haven’t seen a formal response from Glide. I think it works fine for iOS, but I’m sure it’s confusing a lot of Android users.

You can try submitting a bug to support.

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