Install App via menu doesn't work

Describe the bug:
New menu item ‘Install App’ opens bottom bar with button, but this button doesn’t work. Nothing happens with tap on it.
Android, Chrome.

Expected Behaviour:
Tapping on the button should install the app

How to replicate:
Try to install via burger menu


Unless Chrome has loosened it’s rules recently…based on my understanding of Chrome and PWA’s, I can’t see any possible way that the side menu Install option could ever work on an Android device. Once a user dismisses the default install popup, there is no possible way for Glide or the user to trigger the install popup again through the app. The only way for that to happen would be if the user manually resets the site permissions (or clears the site cache and cookies). Mainly, once those website permissions are reset, then the popup can be displayed again…once. What I’ve read in the past, is that at most, Glide can delay the trigger for the install popup (which they don’t currently), but once it is displayed and dismissed by the user, that popup can never be triggered again. Again, maybe Google is changing this, but from what I’ve read a year or so ago, I just don’t see how you can manually trigger the installation on Chrome/Android, through the app, unless you capture and delay the event, instead of allowing the event to trigger and show the pop-up initially on opening the app. In either case, it’s a one-and-done deal in Chrome/Android.


Delay is a good solution or… just remove ‘Install App’ from menu? Since it’s useless

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I like the concept of it, but it seems like it’s only useful for iOS devices as far as I can tell.

Español.- No funciona la opcion del menu para instalar la app… Es una pena dificulta mucho el uso en clientes finales… Sdos! :neutral_face:
Ingles.- The menu option to install the app doesn’t work… It’s a shame it makes it very difficult to use in final clients… Sdos! :neutral_face:

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