Can we delete "Install App" in the menu?

Hello, I know this option wasn’t ready, maybe can we remove this with CSS ?

We dont want to show the label “install app” in the menu.

Someone have an idea ?

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I believe that only appears if the app is running in a web browser and hasn’t been installed.
So the way to remove it is to install the app :slight_smile:

The problem is that we will publish our application on the stores (Apple and Google).

So the application is already installed in the phones.

Okay, in that case I don’t know.
I do know that Glide do not support apps that are published in the App Stores, so you might be out of luck.

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I’m not going to argue about using stores, I think just the word “Push Notification” is enough…

now my problem is that having Glide force you a menu, whatever, it’s like the menu" share" we have the option to remove it, yet this option is cool for many people, but some people don’t want it. I think it should have the same goals regarding this “install app” menu.

It doesn’t matter if we’re on the stores or not, we wouldn’t like to have this menu. Even if we not on stores I gonna take off this menu.

I’ve noticed that this install button doesn’t work though. I still use add to home screen or install button from Chrome menu

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One more argument to remove it or give us the option to remove this button if it doesn’t work properly :)!

I’m not sure if it’s just me who’s experiencing this or there are others who face this problem as well.

However, I think if it works for others, then it’s a great feature instead of installing it from Chrome menu. Gives a native app feeling to me. I don’t think they should remove this. It’s a great addition. Hoping they make it work smoothly.

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Of course it’s a Great addition, as I said is like the “share” is really good but some people dont want it on their menu …

It worked for me when I tested it (on IOS).


I wonder if that’s an iOS and Safari thing. It’s always been my understanding (with chrome and android anyway), that once the original install popup is displayed and dismissed by the user, then it’s impossible to trigger that popup again without the end user clearing their cache. A website can be set up to suppress that popup and display it later through a user action, but it’s still a one and done deal…unless something has changed with PWA’s recently. For that reason, I’ve thought that it’s an odd addition to the side menu. When I tested it a while back I couldn’t get it to work either. It just doesn’t make sense to me how it could work based on past experience.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think an install option in the side menu would be awesome for PWA’s (if it worked), but I don’t see how it could ever work properly under these circumstances. I think it’s largely the browser that prevents these install or notification popups if a user rejects them initially. Otherwise some websites would abuse the privilege and would be persistently trying to get you to install their PWA or accept notifications. The browser protects the user by showing the option once and if they don’t want to see it again, they won’t.

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Okay, I should qualify what I meant when I said that “it worked”.

When I choose the option in the side menu, I get the following:

So it doesn’t install the app, per se, but rather directs me to the share menu.
But yeah, it does trigger the popup.

For me, when I click on the Install option in the hamburger menu, it shows Glide’s version of the install popup with an Install button. When I click on that Install button, it does nothing. It doesn’t even show the official browser version of the install popup. I can still open the browser menu and install that way, but that’s triggered by me instead of being triggered by a button within the app. This is regardless if the app is already installed or not.

That’s interesting. So even once the App is installed, you still see the “Install App” option in the side menu? For me, on IOS, I never see that option with installed Apps. Yeah, that definitely sounds like IOS vs Android behaviour.

That’s only if I open it in the browser as opposed to opening the installed version. The side menu install option has never worked for me. If I open an app in the browser for the first time, I get the native browser pop-up at the bottom of the screen. If I don’t touch it, and I can go to the side menu and click on install, then the glide pop-up opens underneath the native pop-up. I have to dismiss the native pop-up to see the glide pop-up, but the install button on the glide pop-up does nothing since I already permenantly dismissed the native pop-up for that site.

Many websites have popups to show notifications or to install the pwa version, but in my experience with chrome on windows and android, once that popup is dismissed, it can never be triggered again by the website.

Ah, okay. Yes it’s the same on IOS then. I already have that App I tested with installed, but I opened it in Safari to see if that side menu option would appear, and test it.

Okay, so it seems that’s where Safari is different. Even if I dismiss the popup, I can trigger it again at any time from the side menu option.


I guess +1 for apple this time. :wink: Seems like that “feature” could be abused, but I’m not an apple guy, so I don’t know.


Can you share your app to see the look n feel,the background of your app looks interesting.

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They have an option to disable the “About” menu; it seems it would be trivial to have an option to disable the “Install App” menu as well. For me, I put in a bug report that the install button does not work, and they said it is an OS failure – nothing to do with Glide. So it seems it only works on Apple devices at the moment. I actually like the menu option and wish it did work on Android.


Exactly, this option is available for about it should also be for “install app”, be careful I am talking about the menu and not the message that is displayed when you launch the application on your browser!

We should hide this on our menu, because people want control their menu.